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Loom Knitting Resources

Loom Knitting Resources

Hello! This page is my loom knitting help page. You can read a little bit about my loom knitting history and near the bottom of the page you will find links to helpful loom knitting sites.

Kelly & Loom Knitting
In 2004 I got a set of Knifty Knitter looms and learned to loom knit. For the longest time I made only scarfs because I didn’t realize all the possibilities there were when using a loom. A few years later I noticed more loom knitting techniques on various blogs and craft sites so I was able to use stitches other than e-wrap and started making things that weren't scarfs, they were fairly basic hats.

Craft magazine hosted a loom-along in 2009 where Vickie Howell shared a loom knit version of her Alice Wrist Warmer pattern and I decided to join. I modified the pattern to use a larger loom and have a tighter stitch so they would be warmer and so began my loom knitting pattern making.

The Modified Alice Wrist Warmer pattern I made for the loom-along became fairly popular so I started sharing the patterns/instructions for other loom knit things I created. I am not an expert at loom knitting, but I do have experience and have visited many different websites for instructions. Below are some loom knitting resources that helped me learn and I refer to when I need to refresh my memory.

Loom Knitting Resources
Here are some helpful links that you can use to follow a loom knitting pattern or make your own:

Loom Knit from Isela Phelps, the Purling Sprite -
Isela's videos taught me how to knit and purl on a loom! Her website has grown since the first time I visited; she isn't posting many new things, but her archive is full of very clear instructional videos.

Loom Knitting Help from Rebecca Novelli -
This site has a lot of great written instruction. It is a little difficult to navigate so I recommend checking out the index. I often refer to this site when I want to remember how to do a stitch or cast on/bind off method that I use infrequently.

Super Stretchy Bind Off Video from Kelly Jones, Kelly Knits -
The super stretchy bind off is a really nice bind off method for cuffs and when you need a little extra stretch. Kelly's instructions are very clear, making it very simple to follow.

Ravelry, the knit and crochet community -
Ravelry is great! They have over 1,000 loom knit patterns to search, several loom knitting groups, and a forum with very nice and helpful people!

Do you know of any helpful loom knitting resources that I should link to?
Let me know by sending a note.