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Jan 16, 2020

Rat Mask Free Printable

Lunar New Year is Saturday January 25th! 2020 is the year of the rat and per my tradition, I made a downloadable paper rat mask for you! I'm very excited we are almost out of my zodiac, the pig, so I will not feel obligated to wear red any more. However, I now have so many red articles of clothing so I'll still be wearing red a lot.

Rat Paper Mask Free Printable

Happy New Year!
download rat mask.pdf

I've nearly finished all the animals in my Lunar New Years series; I have only one left to make, the Ox!
Tiger Rabbit Dragon
Snake Horse Goat
Monkey Rooster Dog
Pig, Rat

Jan 14, 2020

Cross Stitch Family Portrait

I started the tradition of making cross stitch family portraits for my sister when she got married. Today I'm sharing the third in the series! Here are Taylor, Kari, and Willow:

Cross Stitch Family Portrait - Maternity

Taylor is looking mostly the same, Willow has lost a bit of weight since last year, and Kari has my nibling growing inside of her!

Jan 9, 2020

The Alligator Has Pink Scutes!

It's kind of a good thing I stopped knitting this when I did because I nearly forgot to add the pink!

Knit Alligator Blanket WIP

Since I am making this scarf blanket sized rather than scarf size and quadrupling the stitch count, I am having trouble with the alligator's scutes. (I definitely had to look up that word and it is now one of my favorites!) Anyway, I got frustrated and decided to put the knitting away and it wasn't until I pulled this project out that I realized the scutes are supposed to be pink. I did have to rip out the start of some green scutes and have continued to have troubles. After switching to pink scutes I was carrying the other color yarn along the back, but on the second row I realized that wasn't going to work (or look very nice) since I was knitting every row and the extra yarn would show on both sides. I decided each scute and space between needed a separate skein of yarn so there wouldn't be any carried along. This definitely looks better, but now that I'm knitting the last row of the first scutes, I think they are too short and look silly.

Knit Alligator Blanket WIP

The pattern I'm following is a scarf pattern that I'm turning into a blanket. I've only quadrupled number of stitches in a row (the width of the alligator), but didn't bother adding extra rows (length of the alligator). The alligator head being stumpy was kind of annoying me, but I was moving on. These stumpy scutes are more annoying and they definitely need to be longer. I will be ripping them out and adding an extra row between increases (two instead of one row), but should I rip out part of the head to make the snout longer too? Let me know what you think!

Jan 7, 2020

Boba Drink Carrier

As a present for my boba loving friend, I decided to make some drink carrier bags!

Boba Sleeve Drink Carrier

They were so easy to make! I used Maria Bywater's reusable coffee sleeve pattern and followed the instructions on her blog, Sew Jewish. The only little changes I made were to use cotton (quilting) fabric, sew the bottoms of the sleeves together before turning instead of the tops, and add a strap when top stitching around the top.

Jan 2, 2020


It's the first post of the new year and I'm going to share my crafting intentions for 2020! But first,


And before I get into my plans for this year, here is a recap of my 2019 resolutions and how well I followed them: My three goals for the year were to finish the denim quilt, learn a new craft, and gardening. I barely made any progress on the quilt; maybe a third of the pieces are now cut into squares. The new craft was pottery; I did great on this resolution and took two classes this year! My gardening was kind of a bust after my greenhouse was destroyed during a storm and the seeds I started didn't sprout. So last year was kinda bad for resolutions, but I'm giving myself two thumbs up for the pottery!


My 2020 Crafty Intentions are:

Learn a New Knitting Technique
I want to learn a new knitting technique this year and I think it will probably be brioche. My knitting queue has started to grow over the last month or two and I think at least one of the planned projects could be knit in that style. This will likely be complete sometime in the last half of the year, first I have to finish a WIP and another project I've already bought the yarn for.

Practice Watercolor Painting
After painting the forest scene that looked more like an underwater scene I decided I need more practice with watercolors so I'm going to paint more. I'm still trying to figure out what more is, but I'm thinking of painting the same scene over and over again, maybe once a month, until I think I'm ready to move on.

Finish the Quilt
It turns out quilting has joined scrapbooking on the list of crafts I think would be great, but I don't actually enjoy. Anyway, I definitely need to get this one done; I have all the supplies and the old jeans are taking up way too much space in my craft room. A finished blanket will be really nice and I just need to finish it already! Let's hope the third year's the charm!