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Jan 27, 2022


Lunar New Year starts on February first! It's the year of the tiger and I have a tiger mask for you to print and color and wear! I have masks for all the animals of the zodiac so if you want to wear a dragon mask you totally can!


Happy New Year!

If you want to see all 12 of the animal masks in my Lunar New Years series, click the links below!
Tiger mask Rabbit mask Dragon mask
Snake mask Horse mask Goat mask
Monkey mask Rooster mask Dog masks
Pig mask, Rat mask, Ox mask

Jan 25, 2022

Peanut Butter and Banana Stuffed French Toast

January's Craft Book Club read was The Sweetness of Water by Nathan Harris. It is such an emotional and sad book. I definitely recommend it if you like historical fiction and want to cry. The obvious craft for The Sweetness of Water would be knit socks, but I wouldn't have finished them in time and last month I decided to cook or bake something for my Craft Book Club projects for the time being. So I made peanut butter and banana stuffed French toast. I wanted to make something with peanuts since the brothers, Landry and Prentiss, help George grow peanuts on his land and I had no peanuts, but a jar full of peanut butter and I love a grilled peanut butter sandwich!

Peanut Butter and Banana Stuffed French Toast

The next Craft Book Club read is Cinderella is Dead by Kalynn Bayron! It's a dark fantasy that takes place 200 years after the Cinderella story!

Jan 20, 2022

Doodling + Watercolor

After putting down some color for my last watercolor painting, I decided to use up all the paint that was on my palette and practiced blending colors a bit. Afterwards, I took a marker and doodled. This was a fun little project and now I have a completely clean palette to use!

Watercolor Doodling

Jan 18, 2022


 I was going though my camera roll and found these photos I took last January. These are all close up photos of different succulents. Some of the cacti I used to work with were pretty cool.


Jan 13, 2022

Quilt Pieces and a Plan

I've made a tiny bit of progress on the denim quilt. I'll really need to get to work since I want to finish it in February. Most of my progress was in the planning of this quilt. I realized from the quantity of pieces already cut and how many more I will need, I do not have enough pairs of jeans to finish so I need to get more fabric. The plan is to get some colorful bottom weight fabric, I'm thinking purple, maybe lilac or lavender. It depends on what is available. Anyway, I've got two shades of denim squares now!

Denim Squares