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Jan 11, 2018

Fabric Wrapped Lampshade WIP

Since the washi tape was peeling up in areas, I've decided to redo the plant light! So far I've removed the washi (that was really stuck in some areas and difficult to remove) and started wrapping the lampshade with strips of fabric. Here is my progress so far:


Jan 9, 2018

Ear flap Hat

My first knitting project of the year is complete! I finished the earflap hat I started at Thanksgiving!

Knit Earflap Hat
Knit Earflap Hat
Knit Earflap Hat

I was feeling a bit silly was taking the photos, but this hat definely calls for silly. The pattern is Laura Irwin's Fawn Earflap Hat which isn't silly by itself, but paired with the fun Chunky Boho yarn in the Singapore Sling colourway, it is very silly. I did make a few modifications to the pattern since my gauge was not right, my head is small, and I was running out of yarn. The changes were all for the crown of the hat; I shortened it majorly and changed up the decreases by alternating placement and knitting through the back loop (which made them less noticeable and used less yarn). I haven't added any ties to the ends of the flaps, I may add a button and an elastic loop instead of ribbons to secure the flaps on top. What are your thoughts?

Jan 4, 2018


For the first Crafternoon of the year, using the watercolor kits I made, Chelsea an I tried our hands at some watercoloring. Here are some of the paintings we made, the kitty is mine, the sky and trees are Chelsea's, and the color blob that was supposed to look like a galaxy is mine... I need more practice.


Jan 2, 2018

2018 Crafting Intentions

It's a new year! Happy New Year!
I did really well on my 2017 goals; I did better than expected and knit TEN hats for charity! I also completed my two "other" embroidery projects, but I didn't finish the cross stitch portrait I had planned though I've started it twice. I will be finishing it and another this year though.


Half of my 2018 crafting intentions are finishing things that I've started. Not all the unfinished things have made my resolution list, just certain ones. I am however working on completing some more recently unfinished things (such as the cross stitch portraits mentioned above). Without further ado, here are my craft related resolutions for the year:

Finish that Knitting
Three items have been in my knitting WIPs for a very long time and this year I will finish them! The three items are this mixed up mystery scarf, my oversized knit purse, and the leopard hat from my 2016 goals

Finish that Quilt
The progress on my denim quilt is pathetic. I haven't come close to cutting out all the pieces let alone start sewing. This is the year I make a quilt! I have all the materials and just need to get to work!

New Projects from New Books
I received some new knitting and cook books and need to make at least one item from each of them! The books are Dandelion & Quince by Michelle McKenzie, Share by Chris Santos, 60 Quick Knitted Toys from Cascade Yarns, and The Beginner's Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns by Kate Atherley.

New Projects on the New Loom
Another present I received was a frame loom for weaving. Once I finish the woven side of the round crochet pillow I've been working on, I'll get started on weaving projects using the loom! I would like to make at least two woven pieces this year.

How well did you do on last year's resolutions and what projects do you want to complete this year?