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Apr 2, 2009

Easter egg dying is one of my favorite things to do.

Lucky for me Easter is just around the corner.

naturally dyed easter eggs
Last year I thought it would be enjoyable to use 'natural' dyes instead of the store bought PAAS type dyes. I like the muted colors, but they take longer to make and green is [nearly] impossible to get.

Here is a list of colors and some items you can use to get the color:

red - beets
orange - annatto
yellow - turmeric
green - spinach - did not work at all; probably need to boil a ton of spinach and let the eggs sit overnight
blue - blueberry pie filling - i did not use, but leave the eggs in overnight and you get a nice color and cute little dots from the blueberries (according to my coworker).
purple - grape juice
brown - coffee - it didn't really work for me, needed to make the coffee stronger and let sit overnight.

Mini How To:
1. Mix color with water.
Exceptions: blueberry pie filling and grape juice. In the case of beets, spinach, and coffee boil in water to extract the color then strain.
2. Add a bit of vinegar.
3. Dye the eggs.

I am planning my annual egg dying gathering for next week. I will definitely take pictures and post them here.

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