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Jun 9, 2009

Week Ten.

The other picnic blanket I made was dibbed* by my mom. When my dad saw it he wanted one too so I made him this one.

picnic blanket
This is a work in progress picture that I took between rain showers this weekend. I don't see myself making too many more of these because I hate attaching the snaps, but I think I want one for myself.

*I can't believe that dibs has a Wikipedia page.


  1. As the accused dibber, I must say that I only suggested it as my Mother's Day gift ... I could have been told no ;-)

  2. I think when I bought the fabric for the first blanket I had you in mind so it is okay that you dibbed it.

  3. what if i were to say i want one too! haha. but in all seriousness, i don't know if i want one. but i would happily take one if you made one for me.

    p.s. i thought you were wanting to make more, and you were just going to have me put on the snaps...but if not, i am fine with that too. lol.

  4. Okay. Kari is the snap attacher for all future picnic blankets I make.

  5. Maybe you could add another one to your list, or show Chel how to make a blanket like this. With kari volunteering as the snap attacher, they should be snap to make! Haha

  6. everything has a wiki page


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