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Nov 5, 2009

Who likes the little little duckies in the pond?

On Tuesday I mentioned that I will be making lots of yellow water resistant things; here is the start of my first project made with the yellow rain pants.

This ducky was stitched using my sewing machine. It was a bit more difficult than I expected it to be, but that may be because I wasn't very steady. There is a detail picture of the ducky on my flickr. Look for the finished project on Tuesday.

The toiletry bag and dog raincoat that I mentioned in my Tuesday post have been pushed back because they need notions that I don't have on hand (a zipper and some large snaps) and I haven't wanted to go to the store to get them. You will see these projects soon though.

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  1. I think the duccky turned out pretty darn good for a first attempt at embroidery on the machine, especially since it isn't an embroidery machine. well done


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