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Dec 22, 2009

Stitched Paper Bags

I made these cute gift bags for my coworkers. I started out trying to use up my bobbin thread, but the red and green went pretty quickly then yellow didn't really show up and pink didn't seem very christmas like (or even wintery) so I switched back to red and green. More pictures here.

They are very easy to make; here is a mini tutorial:
Paper (I used brown paper bags, but any kind of paper will work)
Sewing Machine

1. Determine size of finished bag. (Mine are 6" x 7.5")
2. Cut paper into a rectagle that is twice as wide and the same height as you would like your finished bag. (I cut 12" x 7.5" rectangles)
3. Fold piece of paper in half to mark.
4. Unfold and decoratively stitch one or both halves of the paper.
5. Refold paper and stitch around the folded side and two of the other sides.
6. Your bag is complete and can be filled with goodies!
See, really easy to make! I think I will make more sometime down the road when I have an occasion where cute little baggies are needed.

FYI: This will be the only post for the week since I will be traveling to Wyoming for Christmas and I didn't finish the embroidery tutorial that I had planned. Regular posting will resume next week.


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