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Jan 19, 2010

Not going as planned

My second upcycle project was going to be a chandelier/light fixture made out of small plastic milk jugs, but I have run into a bit of a delay...

Last week I began prepping the milk jugs, I had to cut off the tops and drill holes in the bottoms. The largest bit I have for the drill is one inch in diameter which was a squeeze to get the end of the string of lights through, but I made do. Here are all my little milk jugs:

When I started assembling, I began to get more and more frustrated with stringing the lights through the too small of a hole. Here is the string of lights before my major mistake:

I thought I had a brilliant idea: just cut off the end piece since I don't want to attach any other lights. So I cut off the end, stripped off some of the plastic coating, twisted the two wires together and pulled out the electrical tape to finish the job. I plugged the lights in to check my handy work and I blew one of the built in fuses. I thought maybe the wires shouldn't be connected so I replaced the fuse and separated the wires. I plugged the lights in a second time and nothing happened.

Nothing happened! I am so mad! If only I left a bit of wire on the end plug I cut off, I could have strung all the lights through the milk jugs easily then attached the plug again. Now I am stuck without a project for you all and have to go to the store and try to find another string of lights. I am hoping the stores have lights out for Valentines because I know all the Christmas ones are gone, I was lucky to get these.

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