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Feb 11, 2010

Valentines Treat

I made another ice cream cake. This one is strawberry flavored and made my coworkers swoon.

I started by baking a shortbread cookie in the bottom of a springform pan. Next I spread a layer of strawberry jam over the cookie. On top of that I added strawberry cheesecake ice cream, another layer of jam, crumbled some shortbread cookie, and added a layer of strawberry ice cream. I top it all off with festive pink and white sprinkles.

I was a bit impatient so the layers didn't come out even/straight. Next time I should let the ice cream soften more and freeze the cake between each layer. Oh well, it still tasted excellent and has gotten all my coworkers talking about their perfect ice cream cake.


  1. This looks absolutely delish... I also thought a layer of frozen strawberries. mmmmmm


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