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Mar 2, 2010

Oregon Zoo

I spent the last few days in Portland visiting my sister and mother. On Thursday we went to the zoo! It was a pretty nice day, it didn't rain and there weren't crowds of people. Here are a few of the animals we saw:

polar bear

We spent so much time at the polar bear exhibit waiting for him to swim. Just as we were about to leave, he finally got in the water and started doing the backstroke.


I made us go into the lorikeets' aviary because it reminded me of my visit to the Louisville Zoo with Danielle and Charliann. We didn't buy any of the 'nectar' here so the birds didn't want much to do with us.

honey bear

This malayan sun bear is one of my new favorite animals; he has so much neck skin... too cute.

sea lion

The sea lions were quite active; this one was would swim by so fast I had trouble taking his picture.


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