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Mar 25, 2010

Vegetable Garden Plans

I didn't finish my project from Tuesday, I have been completely engrossed in my gardening preparation.

garden plan

This year, as I have mentioned, I will have a lovely garden that will be fruitful and vegetableful. As per my gardening plans (above) I will be growing the following in my new vegetable garden:
    tomatoes - three varieties
    leafy greens - spinach, lettuce, chard
    corn (surprise dad, you will get some corn!)
    marigolds around the perimeter (not shown)

I am getting down to the wire to finish preparing my little 64 square foot plot; spinach should be sown this weekend!

In addition to my gardening plans, I am working on getting my back yard in shape. It is going to take some time, but I am really looking forward to having a nice lawn instead of weeds. There are so many goat heads growing in my yard, way more than I ever remember seeing growing here before and they seem to pop up over night. I am overwhelmed by the quantity, but I need to calm down a bit and get rid of them pronto (so next year there won't be many).


  1. But then you have to stay home and tend the garden instead of traveling all over! Good plan though!

  2. i love watermelon...are yours seedless????
    sugar free..or low-fat..oh yummy...lab tech LB


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