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May 18, 2010

How to wrap a present with fabric scraps

Lately I have been wrapping presents in fabric scraps and string. It looks great and makes the gift look extra special. Here is a tutorial on how I do it.

fabric scrap wrapped present

First, gather your materials. You will need:
1. A present
2. Enough fabric to wrap the present
3. String or Yarn
4. Scissors

1. gather materials

Now align your present on your fabric and begin wrapping it. I used two pieces of fabric, because the scraps were slightly to small to completely cover the present without the other.

2. align present
3. wrap fabric
4. continue to wrap fabric

Once the sides are wrapped, prepare your string by pulling out a long section. I do not cut the string at this point.

5. prepare string

Tie the string around the present.

6. tie string around present

Fold over the ends of fabric then wrap the string over the ends to secure them.

7. fold up ends

Continue wrapping the string around the present. Cut the string once you determine how much more you need.

8. wrap string

Tie the ends of the string in a bow and cut off any excess.

9. tie ends of string

Your present is now ready to give to some lucky person. Here is another fabric and yarn wrapped present I have given out recently. The rainbow yarn looks so fun!

day fifty seven

You could also use this technique with tissue paper, or some other paper and any type of string or rope. It is especially handy if you don't have any tape.

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  1. a flashback to days of old, when they would wrap in brown paper and tie it with a string


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