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May 27, 2010

Rice Heating Pad

My coworker Elbie asked me to make him a microwaveable rice heating pad so I did!

rice heating pad

He offered to pay for it, but I refused because 1) it is for the healing wrist he broke at my birthday party* and 2) it is made with inexpensive materials I had on hand.

rice heating pad insides

This microwaveable heating pad has rice encased in a muslin pouch and a speckled grey drawstring cover. I finished the edges of the muslin pouch with a double seam and trimmed using pinking shears. The drawstring cover has french seams (possibly my favorite type of seam) and uses cotton yarn for the string.

rice heating pad detail

Elbie, I hope this helps sooth any wrist pains you are having!

*I went rollerskating for my birthday and invited Elbie and his family. He ended up falling a number of times and had a sore wrist once we left. It turns out he broke a dead bone in his wrist and needed surgery to replace it. My birthday parties are hardcore!


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