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May 4, 2010

Some Flowers: A Free Embroidery Pattern

I can't believe it is already May! To celebrate the new month and the spring weather I made an embroidery pattern for you!

some flower pattern

It is simple but a bit versatile; you can embroider just the main pattern on the left or add any of the extra flowers. This weekend I made two samples using this pattern.

flower embroidery

The first was the pink on this beige 'waffle textured' fabric. When iron-on transferring the embroidery pattern I accidentally moved it and three of the flowers were wiggly so I just omitted them. I think it would look really nice with a satin stitch to fill in the flowers.

pink flower embroidery

pink flower embroidery detail

My second time using this pattern I decided it would be fun to use iron transfer crayons to color the petals. They looked nice before I added the embroidery, but the embroidery really makes them stand out.

colorful flower embroidery

colorful flower embroidery detail

Here is the free embroidery pattern: Some Flowers
If you make something with this I would love to see pictures!


  1. I've had enough of the April showers, Thanks for the May flowers.

  2. Such a delicate and simple pattern. Thank you so much. Exactly what I was looking for.

    1. Thanks! I hope your embroidery piece turns out great!


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