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Jun 17, 2010

A bow tie for my father.

I made this bow tie for my dad for Father's Day.

blue bow tie

My sister and I were recently looking through some old photos and came across these pictures of my dad and aunt. Don't they look adorable?

my dadmy aunt dd

Inspired by the photo of my father, I decided that I needed to make him a bow tie for Father's Day even though he isn't a tie sort of dad. I used Burda Style's David Pattern and attached Velcro to the back so he wouldn't have to tie it.

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures before tying the bow and tying it was a bit of a fiasco so you only get to see what it looks like tied.

blue bow tie and stitched paper bag

I also made another stitched paper bag as wrapping. Here is the full bag:

stitched paper bag

And here is a detail shot of the stitching:

stitched paper bag detail

The stitching isn't very straight, but it still looks good. I think the slightly uneven stitching gives these bags more charm. If you want to make your own stitched paper bags, I have a tutorial you can follow.

Happy Father's Day!

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