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Jun 29, 2010

Nearly Knee High

The garden is growing! The heat wave that is upon us is doing wonders for most of my garden.


One of the tomato plants is outgrowing its cage and another is quickly following suit. I really wish I remembered which tomato plant was which! Here you can see the flowers and a single tiny tomato!

tomato flowers
tiny tomato

The pumpkins are doing really well too; the leaves are getting quite large and there are even blooms and those swirly things pumpkins get!

pumpkin swirls

Overall, the watermelon plants are doing pretty good. At least one, maybe two plants fell victim to the horrible fungus that spread from the pumpkins.


The corn I planted especially for my father really picked up the pace this last week. I didn't think the stalks would be "knee high by the fourth of July" like the old saying goes because of the cold wet spring, but they are nearly there!


A downside to the heat for the garden is that my lettuce and spinach is bolting! I am hurrying to eat as much of it as I can before it is all gone. I hope everybody's crops are doing just as well as mine. Happy Growing!


  1. Your garden looks really good!

  2. We need to invite people over to help eat the lettuce while we still have it...maybe a garden party!?!?!?


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