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Aug 10, 2010

frozen strawberry lemon sour cake

I tried making a sour lemon cake from a recipe my mom gave me, but I totally screwed it up so I turned it into this frozen strawberry lemon sour cake thing.

frozen strawberry lemon sour cake

Parchment Paper! Parchment Paper! Parchment Paper! I don't know why I don't use it. There is some in my kitchen and my cakes stick to the bottom of their pans since I don't use it. This time, instead of trying to piece the cake back together and pretend nothing was wrong, I chopped it all up and mushed it into the bottom of a spring form pan to use it as a sort of crust for a frozen dessert.

frozen strawberry lemon sour cake details

Here is the sort of recipe for this dessert:
Cake Layer - Your favorite white cake recipe (or cake mix) with water/milk/other liquid except egg and oil replaced with lemonade concentrate and a packet of strawberry Kool Aid added.
Strawberry Layer - Sweetened strawberries spread out over the cake.
Top Layer - Whipped Topping with the leftover lemonade concentrate and a packet of strawberry Kool Aid.

It  tastes pretty good, I just wish I would remember to use parchment paper so I don't mess my cakes up in the first place!

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  1. Inspired, so last night I tried my hand at my sour cake. It is easy enough, cake mix, packet of Kool Aid, oil, eggs and frozen lemonade... mix and bake [hey, I did use parchment paper :-)] but my cake kinda fell in the middle. so maybe I should call it a sunken treasure of sour. I love your creativity, you never get a flop instead you get a new creation. YUMM


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