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Aug 31, 2010

New Shoes!

I have new shoes and another one of my projects is finally complete!

new shoes!

They aren't really new shoes, they just got a makeover. My old shoes that I wore nearly everyday were getting pretty scuffed up. Since they were not looking there best, but still were good shoes I decided to paint them.

I started by washing them and waiting for them to dry then I coated them in gesso (I ended up doing four layers). I saw a tip awhile ago (not sure where) for painting shoes: if you prime your canvas shoes with gesso you can easily use acrylic paint instead of fabric paint. It really works; even though my shoes weren't canvas it was a great base for the paint. I used just a small amount of light blue to cover the shoes.

blue shoes

Then painted on some clouds and birds:

cloud shoes

cloud shoes

The best part about using acrylic paint is they are water resistant so I don't have to worry about my birds wiping off. Hurray for my cute new shoes!


  1. Very cute, much better than those scuffed up black things ;-)
    I would still be careful with the water, no puddle jumping or the birds might still fly off

  2. i like your new shoes, very nice


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