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Apr 5, 2011

Loom Knit Wine Bottle Sleeve

I spent a few hours on Saturday watching Make It or Break It and knitting this wine bottle cozy because I didn't have an appropriately sized gift bag and I didn't want it to be naked.

loom knit wine bottle cozy

The show is mostly ridiculous, but that hasn't stopped me from obsessively watching. (I have finished all past seasons that are on Netflix Instant and am now waiting for the latest episode to show up on the internet so I can get my teen drama fix.)

This cozy was knit on the small blue Knifty Knitter loom with the left over yarn from my Alice Wrist Warmers. It knit up fairly quickly and was a very easy project to use up any extra yarn you may have. Here is a quick rundown of what I did: cast on with the e-wrap method and knit all stitches until desired length is reached and bind off. Next, gather your cast on stitches on the yarn tail to cinch that end closed. That's it! You can dress up a bottle of wine now!

loom knit wine bottle cozy detail

The knit cozy should fit any standard wine bottle. If you have a large diameter wine bottle you may want to move up to the red Knifty Knitter loom and use either a flat stitch or do some ribbing to get the right sized cozy.

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  1. the bottle looks like it is playing peek-a-boo; i like it

  2. it the wine chilled?????lol Elbie

  3. Randee swartz09 May, 2014 17:56

    do you have water bottle cozys?to make on the round loom.signed Randee

    1. I used a 24 peg loom and knit stitches with bulky yarn to make this. It was a pretty snug fit on the wine bottle. Depending on the size of your water bottle this method may work for you too. You could also try using flat stitches or ribbing to make it smaller/tighter or e-wrap to make it larger/looser. Good Luck!


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