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Jun 30, 2011

For my latest knitting project I am knitting in the round and using leftover yarn.

knitting wip

This looks like it would be a really great necklace, but it is really going to be a cover for a plastic milk jug. I was complaining about how I feel milk cartons are superior to plastic milk jugs, but not all grocery stores (the store I do most of my grocery shopping at) carry cartons. My mom suggested I knit a cover for plastic milk jugs to help keep the light out and the temperature in (two of my complaints about plastic jugs). I thought this idea was totally silly, but I am doing it anyways because it is silly and it will be cute.

It turns out that my stitch estimates were totally off so I will be ripping out all my stitches and starting again, casting on significantly fewer stitches. I also got a circular needle set! It is much easier and quicker than using double pointed needles and I don't worry as much about my stitches falling off the needles when I am storing the project.

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