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Jun 23, 2011

Maybe a Skirt

I still haven't figured out what exactly I am going to make with the purple and green fabric, but I am leaning towards combining the fabric to make a skirt. So I started browsing ModCloth to find ideas. Here is what I found:


1. I think this Tulip Petal Skirt is pretty great. and will maybe look flower like with the purple fabric for the main color and the green for the waistband.
2. This Like a Diamond in the Skirt is a part of this roundup for the waistband; I just love it.
3. Not sure about the buttons on this Top Country Classic Skirt. I like them, but I wonder if I would wear the skirt. I could get some of the neat buttons I keep wanting to buy though.

What do you think? Each piece of fabric is long enough to make a decent length above-the-knee skirt. If I want to add a waistband or some sort of frill (ruffles maybe?) I need to use the second piece of fabric. Since the fabric is a mid-weight cotton the skirt won't be very flowy like skirt number two. Should I make something other than a skirt? What should I do? Please Help!


  1. Tough decision; of the 3 I like number 2 the best. I think you could just add a little border (not ruffled) at the bottom in the waist band fabric. Add in a couple of side pockets if not part of the pattern, with a hint of border showing there too.

  2. I see pockets... nice - you Could have that little back piece in the complimentary fabric.


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