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Aug 16, 2011

So Many Cucumbers

Sad news: my zucchini plants died days after I made the zucchini pizza. I went a bit ballistic that afternoon and started using the insecticidal soap concentrate on the squash bugs because the dilution didn't do a thing. It did end up burning a few leaves on the spaghetti squash plants (the bugs' new home), but the plants have survived and I haven't seen another squash bug since!

In other gardening news: the cucumber plants are going crazy! I have had such a surplus of cucumbers that I can't come close to eating them all. Luckily my coworkers had no problem taking care of the last bunch of giants. I have quite a few more that need to be picked. Anybody interested in taking a few off my hands?

Here are some photos of my crops that I took last night:

bell peppers

The bell peppers haven't grown much at all and I was super surprised to find two little peppers on one plant and a tiny one on the other plant.


Tomatoes! So many tomatoes, but none of them are ripe yet. I can't wait for them to turn pink so I can eat them up!

cucumber flower

Cucumber blossoms are so pretty!


Two cucumbers. Do you want one?


The nasturtium have had a rough time. See that yellow-red blossom towards the right? That is my only flower and I was shocked to see it. Next year I will get those seeds in the ground right away!


The corn is pathetic. I will be lucky to get two ears.

spaghetti squash

Spaghetti squash! I can't wait to eat these guys! There were a few casualties from the squash bug war, but there will be plenty of these squashes to share.

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