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Nov 10, 2011

DVD or CD Mailer

I sometimes send DVDs (with that familiar red envelope) in the mail and I decided as part of this gift wrapping and decorating series I would make my paperboard mailers a bit less boring.

For this project I followed this simple craft foam stamp tutorial from Make Grow Gather I saw on Pinterest and my usual method of cutting up a cereal box and taping the disk I am mailing inside. Here is my stamp:

The first disk mailer I stamped I used the light green paint. The paint is pretty light and difficult to see, but the actual stamping was the best one I did. I started putting too much paint on when I switched to the blue. Look at how great that looks! If only it was a tiny bit darker.

I decided to use a marker to 'fix' my poor stamp application. I think I will have to 'fix' all of them now.

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