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Nov 3, 2011

Newspaper Wrapping Paper

My first project for this gift wrapping and decorating series is newspaper wrapping paper!

This is an easy way to make custom wrapping paper. For this project all you need is newspaper, craft paint, a paint brush, and stencils if you want. You could also use plain paper, but newspaper is pretty easy to get a hold of (especially if you have a couponing friend). Here are my two wrapping papers:

For the larger blue wrapping paper I just freehand painted stripes and a few hearts; for the smaller reddish wrapping paper I used a stencil I made out of kraft board. My stenciling was a bit sloppy, but it looks alright.

You could also use markers, crayons, or stamps to decorate your wrapping paper. Here is a closer shot of my freehand painting; stripes are fun!

There is a stack of newspaper in my house that is begging for a second life before it is thrown into the recycle bin for good. I think I need to make a snowflake stencil for some holiday wrapping paper!

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