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Dec 15, 2011

Workout Ball

Over the summer I started following and doing their workouts. They use a slightly oversize soft medicine ball thing for some of their exercises and after seeing that other people were making them I decided to make my own.

I used Bodyrocker Chris_L/Flickr user Spaceguy19's pattern for the twelve piece/six sided ball and added top stitching on every seam so it would lay better. The top stitching became more and more difficult the closer I got to finishing, but I definitely think it was worth the trouble.

It turned out pretty good, I still need to get something for the weight and figure out the stuffing; right now I have a few pillows in it, but they are making it lumpy.


  1. Could you open the pilllos and use that to stuff the ball? As for the weight, how about a sand pouch un thr middle of all the stuffing? It's just an idea.

  2. I'm still getting used to my Nook's keyboard, so please excuse the typos


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