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Jan 24, 2012

Bunny Bibs

I made bunny bibs for two babies.

One for my coworker's son, Carlos III, who was born on the eleventh and the other for my sister's coworker's daughter, Kaelyn, who was born on the twentieth*.

These bibs look pretty darn cute. Originally I was planning on giving them faces, but it was getting late and I wanted to be finished with them. I also figured they were going to be barfed on and lack of face would make cleaning them a tiny bit easier so they are minimalist bunny bibs.

As with my other posts so far this year, as part of my resolution not to buy stuffs: every bit of these bibs is something I already had. You may recognize the pastel stripy fabric from this scarf. The other fabrics were leftovers from a purse lining, something I was going to make for Kari's Halloween costume, but never did, and a bed skirt my mother made me when I was in college.

*Silly Number Thing I Just Noticed: I was born on March 11th and my coworker's baby was born on January 11th. Kari was born on August 20th and her coworker's baby was born on January 20th. CRAZY!

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