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Apr 26, 2012

Large Ironing Board

I made a large ironing board!


Pressing fabric on a standard ironing board seems to take forever; it seems most of my time is spent moving the fabric instead of actually ironing. I made a large ironing board (28" x 36") that will make pressing fabric much faster and easier!

This ironing board was made out of a piece of fiberboard I had on hand (my former craft table top), some heat-reflective batting, fabric, and some paint. First I cut my board to size then painted the back. After the paint dried, I covered the front with the heat-reflective batting, stapled it down, and cut of the excess. Next, I covered the front with fabric and stapled it down. I cut off some of the excess fabric, but left enough to fold back and cover the staples. Then I used fabric glue to secure those folds.


The back of the ironing board a bit 'artsy' because I ran out of the light blue paint I had mixed and didn't have anymore white to make more so I took the blue and made it swirly and cloud like. It is a little bit silly, but I had fun while painting it.

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