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Aug 23, 2012

Terrycloth Swiffer Cloths

Here are my other reusable Swiffer cloths! These ones were sewn from a pack of washcloths!

reuseable swiffer cloth

These reuseable Swiffer cloths were made following Berlin's Whimsy's Swiffer Cover Sewing Pattern I found via Pinterest. (I am slowly doing projects from my making ideas board, but I am quickly adding more and will never be able to complete them all.)

reuseable swiffer cloth

This one makes me think of the TARDIS for some reason. The dark blue and Velcro 'windows' maybe? I don't know, I may need to watch some Doctor Who.

These Swiffer cloths were pieced together from washcloths; I had an unused pack of washcloths and didn't want to have to buy any terrycloth. I think cloths are a little more heavy duty than the knit ones I shared on Tuesday and will probably be better at mopping.

reuseable swiffer cloth

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