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Feb 21, 2013

An Acorn Kiss

My Peter Pan Craft Book Club Craft is this acorn magnet:

acorn kiss magnet

It is a 'kiss' like Peter gave to Wendy. I was planning on making a thimble kiss too, but my thimble drawing abilities are not good. To make this magnet I drew an acorn on some card stock with crayons, smushed it between another piece of card stock covered in washi tape and a flat round glass stone, then sealed it with some mod podge and glued a magnet to the back!

This was the first time I have read Peter Pan and I really love this quote about fairies from the end:
The mauve ones are boys and the white ones are girls, and the blue ones are just little sillies who are not sure what they are.
I wanted to make something related to this quote, but couldn't decide on anything.


Next book is The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald and we will be making something that screams 1920's: cloche hats!

Here are a few tutorials, patters, and inspiration for you:
Alvan's A Cloche Hat in Boiled Wool with Tutorial on Craftster
Peggy Clements' The Imperfect Cloche Hat on Ravelry
Cloche Hat Tutorial from My Magic Mom

My mom (a hat lover) is using her knitting machine to knit some wool fabric that we will felt, cut into pieces, and stitch together into hats. I will be sharing a project update in March and my finished project with you at the end of April. You should definitely join us in reading this literary classic and making a cloche hat!

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