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May 2, 2013

Seed Starting Bad Luck

I am having the worst luck with starting seeds this year. Not one has germinated! First it was my lollipop tomatoes that I thought was due to their age, but then I planted luffa, pie pumpkins, and zucchini and none of them sprouted either. I'm not sure what happened, I kept the soil moist and I don't think it was that cold in the house...

Despite my (previous) bad luck with the seed starting I'm trying again with the luffa and pie pumpkin seeds (I used up all my zucchini otherwise I would be planting them too). Right now they look like tiny piles of dirt, nothing exciting enough to take a picture of again. Fingers crossed that these ones grow.

After my lollipop tomato seeds failed to germinate I decided that I would just purchase a tomato plant so it would be pretty big when it was time to transplant it. Well, we are nearly free of frost danger so I stopped by the nursery to find a tomato plant. I ended up getting this yellow pear tomato plant that is as large as if I started it in January!

Yellow pear tomato

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