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Feb 20, 2014

Crochet Crown and Clover

Over the weekend while inside and not shopping I worked on crochet. The first of my projects was a second crochet crown made with very fine gold crochet yarn (Hipstamatic made it look brown, but trust me, it is gold). This crown is more of a tiara headband with peaks only across the forehead. I made the top row of slip stitches too tight though so it will get a snip in the back and the addition of some elastic so it won't induce headaches.


The second project was this four leaf clover pattern from Tracy C. After finishing the tiara headband I started to crochet a heart with the gold, but switched to a friendlier yarn and had to change patterns because a green four leaf clover is better than a green heart and I knew what to do with the clover (who to give it to).


I have a largish crochet project planned and these smaller projects are definitely making my stitches better and me more confident reading crochet patterns (and charts, I love looking at crochet charts). Have you been working on a new skill too?

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the clover. Thanks again!


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