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Feb 13, 2014

Pink Pom Pom Earmuffs

I made myself some earmuffs with pink sparkly pompoms! 2014 is a PINK year!


To make these earmuffs I used a very flexible headband, round plastic canvas, batting, felt, and pom poms. Inside the earmuffs two pieces of round plastic canvas are sewn together and to the headband with the end of the headband between the plastic canvas. Then a few layers of batting were added to both the inside and outside and I stitched everything between two pieces of felt. The sparkly pink pompoms were stitched to the felt before assembling the earmuffs.

They are surprisingly warm; I wore them to Leavenworth, WA Ice Luau (normally Ice Festival with snow events, but there was no snow so the theme changed) and they kept my ears warm in the very cold wind. They even got compliments! I have two more of the headbands (they came in a three-pack) so I'm considering making some more earmuffs. One may be decorated with feathers, but I'm not sure what to do with the other pair. Do you have any ideas?

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