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May 1, 2014


I finished knitting another project from one of my DIY books! This is Zelda from Nikol Lohr's Naughty Needles. Here is the top portion first, since I've already shared two posts on the bottom!

Zelda Knit Slip
Zelda Knit Slip

This is the Zelda pattern from Nikol Lohr's Naughty Needles. Here is a short list of pattern modifications I made: 1) knit in the round instead of seaming two pieces, 2) added additional lace sets on the skirt portion for length, and 3) made fewer decreases on the top portion for more coverage. This is what the full slip looks like:

Zelda Knit Slip

It seemed to take me forever to finish this thing, but it was really just a little over a month. My friend told me I should knit a sweater next, but I think I'll make some smaller projects.

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