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Aug 7, 2014

Floral Brooch Thing

I went to a yarn spinning demo/class at the library a few weeks ago and made some yarn. The yarn I made was decent enough to crochet something without too much difficulty. This is the yarn I made:


The yarn is made from wool roving and is single ply. A local craft shop, Puffy Mondaes, presented the spinning demo and provided the roving and nifty CD and dowel drop spindles to use. Spinning was a lot of fun and I want a drop spindle so I can make more yarn! Since I didn't have much yarn I decided to crochet a little something from one of my DIY books.


This strange floral brooch thing that I'm not very please with was made following a flower and a leaf crochet chart. I started with only two leaves, but stitched up a few more last night and attached them; I think it still needs something else, maybe another flower in the center. Do you have any ideas?

The patterns are from a Japanese craft book, かわいいニットこもの 帽子・バッグ・あみぐるみ・マフラーetc. (translates to: Cute knit accessories - hats Bag Amigurumi muffler etc.), I happened to get as a free gift with purchase.  I don't have much information on the book since there are only a few things written in English; it is from Olympus Thread, no.2733 of a series, ISBN 9784834727333. This is what the cover of the book looks like:


Have you ever followed a Japanese knitting or crochet pattern? I really like following knitting/crochet charts, but I like charts of all kinds. Towards the end of the year, after finishing some gifts, I am planning on knitting up another möbius hat; that one accidentally got tossed in the wash and shrunk (the wool I used is excellent for felting).

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