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Sep 11, 2014

Utilitarian Apron Tutorial

For my Herland Craft Book Club project I made a simple utilitarian apron. In the book Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman three male travelers find their way to an isolated all female society where everything about the women and their land is practical, even their clothes. This apron is very simple, practical, and has pockets! The only frivolous part of this apron is the floral fabric I used to make it.

Utilitarian Apron

Finally! Here is the apron tutorial I've been promising!

Utilitarian Apron Tutorial

This apron is composed entirely from rectangles, various sized rectangles that are easy to cut and sew together. Here are the basic steps to make your own!

Before you begin:
This tutorial makes a 40" x 30" wraparound apron that should fit most adults. If you are making an apron for a small or large person you may want to adjust the pattern accordingly.
I suggest using medium weight cotton fabric such as quilter's fabric; bottom weight fabric can be a bit too heavy and doesn't drape well.
My seam allowances were 1/2".

Materials Needed:
1 1/2 yards of 40" wide fabric (or enough fabric to make desired sized apron)
Sewing machine

1. Prepare your fabric! Wash, dry, and press!
2. Cut the following pieces (adjust sizes if needed)
          a. Body - 42" x 34"
          b. Straps - two 6" x 26"
          c. Pockets - two 9" x 12"
3. Hem all sides of the body fabric. I suggest 1/2" for the sides & bottom and 1 1/2" for the top.
4. Fold each of your straps fabric pieces lengthwise (3" x 26") with right sides together and stitch along the top and open length.
5. Turn the straps right side out, press, and top stitch around the entire piece making sure to tuck the open edge inside. 
6. Attach the straps to the top of the body 3 1/2" from the center on each side. I did a box shaped top stitch where the straps met the body and reinforced it.
7. Take the other side of each strap and attach them to the opposite corners. (See drawing above, xx to xx and oo to oo.)
8. Hem all sides of the pockets. I suggest 1/2" for the sides & bottom and 1" for the top.
9. Place pockets on the body 9" from the side and 9" from the bottom then top stitch around the pocket leaving the top open and reinforcing all corners.
10. Hurrah! You are finished! Put on your apron! Enjoy!

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