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Oct 23, 2014

The Monster Wanted a Friend

Starting this post off by saying Victor Frankenstein is an idiot! After making a giant, scary, super-human he runs away and is surprised that the 'monster' feels rejected and kills people. I'd imagine when you are sewing the thing together with various pieces from the butcher you'd realize how not attractive it was going to be.

So, I read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and my Craft Book Club craft is a friendship bracelet! Captain Walton talks about his lack of friends in his letter to his sister and Frankenstein's 'monster' really just needed a friend so… friendship bracelet!

Friendship Bracelet

Here are some pictures of Wendy's Pygmalion craft, a violet plant stake. She used the same technique as her Herland project, the butterfly in the second picture, shaped the wire and painted it with nail polish.


Our next book is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë.


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