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Nov 20, 2014

Reusable Felt Countdown Chain

One of my favorite Christmas time crafts is making paper chains. I decided to make a countdown chain that can be used over and over again (and for more than just Christmas).

Reusable Felt Countdown Chain

The chain was very easy to make, not as quick to make as a paper chain, but quicker to make than two or three paper chains. Here is a quick tutorial so you can make your own reusable felt chain:

   •  Felt
   •  Thread
   •  Snaps
   •  Scissors
   •  Sewing Machine
   •  Snap Tool & Hammer

   1. Cut felt into strips (mine are approximately 1.5" x 8").
   2. Place one strip on top of another and stitch the two strips together.
   3. Using your snap tool add snaps to each end of the strips.
   4. Make your chain!

Reusable Felt Countdown Chain

If you make your own felt chain I'd love to see pictures!

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