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Mar 12, 2015

Charity Hat V

I knit another hat over the weekend! This is the fifth hat for my coworker's American Cancer Society fundraiser and the pattern is my own creation. I'm calling it Vertizontal Stripe Hat for the vertical and horizontal stripes I made by switching from knits to purls.

Vertizontal Stripe Hat

Winsie didn't want to be in the pictures again, but he is anyway.

Vertizontal Stripe Hat

Here is the pattern outline:
Notes - I used aran weight yarn with size 8 needles and made a smallish hat, but this can easily be modified to fit your yarn/needles/head.
Cast on 60 stitches, place marker and join in round.
For every row, the first 30 stitches - (K2, P2) K2.
For the next 30 stitches - knit all, switch to purl after six rows, then back to knit after six rows…
Gather stitches when reach desired length, no decreases.
Add a pom pom to make the hat more silly and fun then wear it!


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