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Mar 31, 2015

Iron Blogiversary

Guess what. Today is my blogiversary. I've been blogging for six years! The sixth anniversary is the Iron Anniversary and since I don't really know how to do any metal work I made a bracelet to giveaway to a lucky reader!

Friendship Bracelet with Metal Chain
Friendship Bracelet with Metal Chain

This lovely bracelet is made of a chain with magnetic properties (and therefore iron containing) and embroidery floss that is tied in knots next to and through the chain.
Fun fact: I went through the jewelry section of my local craft store with a magnet trying to figure out which chains were made with iron. I'm sure I looked rather silly.

What you should do for a chance to win:
1. Leave a comment below by Sunday, April 12th.
2. Wait. The winner will be chosen by a random number generator and will be announced Tuesday April 14th.

Good Luck!


  1. Oooh i like this. I want to make one! Lol
    I like the mix of metal and string. Nicely. Done and HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!!!!

  2. Happy blogiversary! You probably did look silly, but I'm glad it's legit! haha.

  3. Six years is a long time to be blogging. You have published some very interesting ones. Thank you! Love NANA (Since this won't accept my id)............