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Apr 30, 2015

DIY Feather Medallion

After reading Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tales for Craft Book Club I decided against making a Thumbelina mini garden and decided to make something swan related because there are so many swans in his stories! I bought some white swan-like feathers and made a feather medallion.

Feathers Medallion

Making this little feather medallion was really easy; you just need to know how to use scissors and a hot glue gun! The only materials you need are some sort of fabric for a backing (optional), sturdy paperboard/cardboard, and lots of feathers (I used about 17 grams for a 6" round base). I have a mini photo tutorial:

Feather Medallion Tutorial

Here are the steps to make your own feather medallion:
1. Gather your materials as noted above.
2. Cut your paperboard/cardboard into a circle and your fabric backing (I used felt) into a slightly larger circle.
3. Hot glue the edge of the paperboard/cardboard and fold the excess fabric over, onto the glue.
4. Sort your feathers by size and begin gluing the largest feathers around the outside.
5. Continue gluing the feathers around the outside.
6. Glue more feathers around and around moving to smaller feathers as you get closer to the center of the circle.
To hang your DIY Feather Medallion you can either hot glue or sew a frame hook/hanger to the back side of your creation!

Our next pick for Craft Book Club is Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote!

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