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Dec 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

It's the last day of 2015 and completing some of my crafting intentions for the year was down to the wire (I didn't finish my scrapbooking goal so look forward to some scrapbooking in January).


My 2016 Crafting Intentions are basically my goal when starting this blog/my 2012 resolution without the limitation of not buying more things. Both previous attempts were unsuccessful most likely because I (unfortunately) like to buy things and I do better with a list of specific tasks/items to complete. "Making things with what you have" and "not buying more things" are not realistic goals, but these are:
  • Knitting Projects - Which I Already Have Yarn! Last year I began Marie Kondo's method of magic tidying my house and found several skeins of yarn I had purchased with specific projects in mind. This year I will finish them. Here is the short-ish list of projects that won't necessarily be completed in this order: 1) Air Shawl, 2) Crochet Trivets, 3) Leopard Print Hat, 4) Feet Eater Slippers 5) Heads Will Roll Shawl.
  • Evaluate My Fabric Stash! As noted above I've been cleaning and don't want to keep things on hand that aren't useful or bring me joy. I have a lot of fabric and have been sewing very little so I need to figure out projects for the fabric I want to keep and get rid of the fabric that is likely to sit in my closet unused.
  • Other Projects - Which I Already Have Supplies! I don't know what these projects are yet, but I'm sure I've got plenty. Now that I'm not using most of my free time on finishing Christmas presents I'll be working on tidying my craft room again so I'll have a list of things soon. In addition to the knitting and sewing projects expect some incredibly random stuff - I am a hoarder. 
Bonus Goal: Try and get all these done before December!

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