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Mar 17, 2016

Banjo Wall Hook

Last year I decided I needed to learn a musical instrument and after some consideration I decided to get a banjo, a pink banjo. Today I'm sharing an inexpensive storage solution for a banjo (or guitar) that also doubles as wall decor.


To duplicate my banjo wall hook you need a u hook (that fits around the neck of your instrument, but is small enough that the head of the instrument will not slip through), a plaque/piece of wood to use as a spacer, some yarn, paint, screws, and tools.

Banjo Wall Hook DIY

I began this project by knitting two little cozies for each side of my u hook and slipping them on. Then I drilled three holes in a straight(ish) line into the wooden plaque.

Banjo Wall Hook DIY

To finish the pieces I connected the two knit cozies and weaved in the ends of the yarn and painted the wooden plaque.

Banjo Wall Hook DIY

Installing the banjo wall hook is simple; find a wall stud and screw the wooden plaque into the stud through the top and bottom holes. Next, twist the u hook into the center hole of the plaque and hang up your banjo!

I've had my banjo hanging on the wall since last April. This wall hook is very convenient and my banjo looks real cute hanging next to my cow.

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