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Mar 3, 2016

Seed Starting in my Greenhouse

At the end of January, on the day it decided to (sort of) snow I setup my portable greenhouse. Then a few weeks ago I started some of my seeds!


It is still below freezing here at night time which gives my greenhouse major temperature fluctuations over the course of a day; the first day my seeds were in the greenhouse it was 100F at the warmest then down to 30F the next morning. Needless to say, I freaked out a bit that the greenhouse didn't hold any heat and was completely worried that my seeds would not germinate. The solution to this temperature problem was a small portable heater that I happened to have along with a very long extension cord! I also covered the seed trays with a towel and on really cold nights I wrap them in a fleece blanket too.  Guess what! Some of the seeds have sprouted!


The seeds that are growing are primarily the pumpkins (the newest seeds), but there are a few tomatoes too. As you may have noticed I also have a white fungus problem which I am treating with a bit of peroxide in the water and I've put a small fan into the greenhouse for some airflow. Hopefully it goes away soon and doesn't effect my little seeds or seedlings.

You can see more pictures of my gardening on my Flickr in my garden 2016 album! I've planted squash, tomatoes, and other things that have a longer growing time until harvest. Most of the plants were from my seed collection and many are a few years old (I'm not confident many will sprout). I decided to plant everything just to see what would grow! Here is my full plant list so far; as you can see I had lots of tomato seeds:
  • Tomatoes
    • Belize Pink Heart
    • Green Zebra
    • Rapunzel
    • Husk
    • Riesentraube
    • Reisetomate
    • Black Prince
    • Mystery tomato seeds I saved
  • Pumpkins
    • Sugar Pie
    • Jack o' Lantern
    • Jack be Little
    • Decorative Multi-Variety
  • Other Squash
    • Luffa
    • Zucchini
  • Melons
    • Crenshaw
    • Kiwano
    • Sugar Baby Watermelon
  • Other Plants
    • Sweet Cherry Peppers
    • Milkweed
    • Garden Huckleberry
I have several more seeds whose plants do not need such a long growing time that I haven't started yet. This weekend I might put them into some soil.

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