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Jun 30, 2016


We are into the second week of summer! These are a few things that have been happening:


I had a Summer Solstice picnic in my backyard with a bunch of friends! It was a lot of fun! Eating outside with good company is on my list of favorite things!

I'm keeping most of my houseplants alive and the purple velvet plant is getting these lovely orange flowers! He was recently moved to a new window to make room in the sunniest window for some plants that weren't doing very well.

Over the weekend I put together a jigsaw puzzle instead of doing any crafts and most of my chores. I was a little bit obsessed and was able to easily finish it and still have time to watch all the TV I didn't need to watch.

Fruit! I've been eating lots of fruit; giant cherries and blackberries and normal sized raspberries. Yum!

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