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Jul 14, 2016

July Photos Part I

I decided I need to take a photo every day this month and since it's almost half over I'm going to share some of the pictures. July has been an okay month so far; I've eaten four snow cones, but have also attended two fish funerals (more on that at the bottom of this post). Here are some less sad photos I've taken.

first snow cone of the year. shawl blocking. Faji the marimo had his baby! new dice for my car.

The fish funerals:
Chloe, my sister's nine year old goldfish that has been in my care died last week. She had a very large tumor on her side for (I think) a few years. Anyway, when I got home last Tuesday her normally smooth lump was partially gone and rough in that area. I think she must have scratched it on the rock and Cynthia, my other fish, began eating it. (She would eat poo straight from Chloe's bum, animals are disgusting.) Later that night she was floating belly up and died. 

Over the weekend I decided Cynthia needed some tank mates so I went to the pet store and asked for two goldfish. When I got home I realized that one didn't have an eye. (I've never seen a one eyed fish before!) Unfortunately, Lefty didn't make it through the night so I had his fish funeral Monday morning. Now it's just Cynthia and Paulette in the tank and I'm not sure if I should get any more fish, maybe in a few months or if someone else dies.

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