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Oct 13, 2016

More Catnip Toys

For our latest crafternoon project we made catnip toys. This has been on Chelsea's list for awhile and we finally got to it! (After looking over my blog archives, I noticed several of the catnip toys I've made were at Chelsea's request. She can't get enough catnip, or her kitty can't!) Here are the latest catnip toys:


Katie made a happy face with a ponytail. Chelsea was quite enthusiastic and made three catnip toys; a strawberry, a happy face, and a tomato. And I made a smiling cloud. All the toys were made with felt, we used embroidery and needle felting for the embellishments.

Winslow was very excited to finally play with his cloud after patiently waiting for me to finish.



  1. I forgot to tell you, but Cb went crazy over these! He has already opened one up. He loves them! I was super excited to give them to him. Thanks again for adding this into our schedule. CB prefers these homemade toys over store bought inal a heart beat. So much fun to see his excitement :)

    1. I'm glad he liked them! They were fun to make!


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