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Nov 10, 2016

Tiny Terrariums

Monday night Chelsea and I got together for a quick Crafternoon of terrarium making/filling! I had purchased these tiny hanging globes some time ago and finally put them to use.

Tiny Terrariums

We used rocks, soil, preserved moss, and tiny figurines to fill these hanging globe terrariums. Chelsea put a tiny deer and mushrooms in hers. I made two, in the first I put an Azrael (cat from The Smurfs) figurine that I happened to have; in the second I this cute squirrel figurine Chelsea brought with a bunch of little mushrooms.

Tiny Terrariums
Tiny Terrariums
Tiny Terrariums

The squirrel is a gift that I'll be taking on a plane. Fingers crossed that I can get it to the recipient in one piece!


  1. These photos turned out awesome!! This was actually a lot of fun. I have mine on my desk at work. I had to put it together again lol I went around a corner to fast and it got all messed up.

    1. i'm afraid mine will be a mess from being in my bag... am going to stuff it with lots of paper to keep it in place.


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