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Feb 7, 2017

Plant Light Upcycle Fail

After dressing up one of the naked plant light bulbs, I started work on another. I had a wonderful idea of upcycling a two liter plastic bottle by painting it with a combination of "mercury glass" and black.

Upcycled Lamp Shade Craft Fail

This project was a tough one from the start; spray paint doesn't cling to soda bottles very well so I did several coats that would drip off and ended up covering the back with silver acrylic paint. The black topper went better; after finally lining up my tape I was able to easily paint on black acrylic. It looked pretty awesome when I finished, then I turned on the light to take photos.

Upcycled Lamp Shade Craft Fail

After a few minutes of rearranging plants, the heat of the plant light made the plastic shrink! Needless to say, the bulb is once again naked and this possible fire hazard is now in the trash.


  1. Oh no 😞 Thats a bummer. At least you dont have a bottle of really old soda in your fridge anymore. ;)


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