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Mar 2, 2017

Bob Ross Style

Chelsea and I had another crafternoon this week! We decided to follow along with a Bob Ross painting tutorial and made some landscapes. This was our first attempt at this type of painting and we decided to use acrylics instead of oil paints because that is what we had available, but they turned out pretty good.


We will be trying again, next time with oil paints and more types of brushes; it was a little difficult trying to make our trees happy without fan brushes. The painting we followed along to was from season 29 episode 1 incase you are curious what Bob's painting looked like compared to ours. (Spoilers: his is much better.)


  1. I like acrylics for clean up :-)
    Your painting are GREAT!!
    Practice makes better, Bob has thousands of hours practice.

  2. Yours turned out really good Kelly! I can't wait to try it again :)

    1. thanks! i'm looking forward to trying again!


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