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Mar 9, 2017

Cold Frame Repair

As predicted, my cold frame couldn't support the weight of the heavy snow and broke. I should have been more diligent about brushing off the snow. Lesson learned.


Over the weekend, with the help of my father and his new saw we cut some new sheets of plastic to size and fixed the window frames! The cold frame is ready for seeds, I just need to figure out what to plant! Any suggestions?



  1. It looks great. Glad you got repairs done. As for planting ideas - what do you want to eat? I would say a little spinach and a few other salad fixins. Add a few strawberries from that planting and lunch is served.

  2. You could also plant peas (on St Patrick's ☘️ day) veggie or flower variety.

    1. i definitely have plans to plant some sweet pea flowers on friday!


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