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Jun 27, 2017

Photo Booth Camera Housing

Another project I have been working on for the wedding is a photo booth. This is the first part of the photo booth, the camera & ipad housing!

DIY Photo Booth Camera Housing

Again, this was made with the help of my dad and all the tools. We started by deciding how big the front of the box needed to be to fit the camera and ipad (12x12") then cut out the holes for the camera lens & ipad screen. We built the box, added a shelf for the camera, a hole to attach the bright light, then I covered it with black felt and added a hinged door to the back.

DIY Photo Booth Camera Housing
DIY Photo Booth Camera Housing

While trying to get the technical stuff figured out to take photos with the remote shutter release and view the photos on the ipad, I realized that the sensor for the remote was blocked. We added a new hole to the front where I thought the sensor was then found out that wasn't the sensor and instead of making a larger hole and having half the front open we put the corded shutter release through the hole. Too bad I was not at all familiar with my sister's camera.

DIY Photo Booth Camera Housing

I'm a little bit bummed that the wireless shutter release didn't work, but the battery may not have lasted through the reception anyway. It still looks pretty good, and it will take pictures.

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